Children’s Media Consumption

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Children’s Media Consumption

In today’s media-saturated world, setting rules for children is not always easy especially in a house where there are children of various ages. With televisions, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and games consoles, children are inclined to use electronics media earlier in their lives which is a trend that a few specialists are condemning of.

According to children developmental psychology experts, in terms of developmental psychology, children especially toddlers need to experience the world with every sense they have. When it comes to moving picture, they are usually just simply observers and uninvolved which is not contributing much to their development. Children under three years old ought to discover their environment by understanding and only swipe the screen for a limited time.  It is recommended that children should not watch television before they are three years old. Hence, it is important for parents to have a concern about what content is out there in terms of movies and games.

Parents Let Children Handle the Account

These days, children have their own social media; mainly Instagram account created by their own parents which is for them to share pictures and daily activities of their children. Sometimes, parents even let their children handle the account and interact with other users as well. Parents should not just let media usage happen to the children but explain to them what they are allowed to see.

Parenting today is not quite the same as our parents’ time because parents today have to manage with technology and social media but at the same time they cannot hinder the children from using the Internet. Parents also need to think one step ahead because they cannot always protect the children all the time. All they can do is to educate their children the best that they can and hope for the best.

In the end, plan and reality do not always match up but this should not create too much worry for parents. In any case, it can become problematic when children see disturbing and frightening things on the screen. Hence, parents play a huge part in children’s development.