Great Tips on How You Can learn from Competitor Websites

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One of the things that I’ve learned when I was in business school is that you should always look at your competitor for inspiration and also to know how you can come up with a better product that rivals their own.

As a web designer, there might be a time where you just experience a creative block in that you do not have any ideas in mind on how to create your own website.

That being said, you can learn from what I’ve experienced and look at your competitor’s websites for inspiration. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  1. The Unbiased Reviews

This website is an Amazon Affiliate that is managed by James Galea, one of the premier marking and appliance specialist.

He said that what seemed to be some ‘minor changes’ back in the day actually made a huge impact. Some of the changes that they’ve made is the use of WordPress plugins, particularly the Thrive Architect plugin that allows them to create lightboxes, tables, and buttons to help beautify their site whilst also providing some added functionality as well.

He has also implemented AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is just a mechanism wherein mobile users can still enjoy the website with faster loading speeds. Though, you have to ensure that when you use such a feature, that pages do not look janky and off-kilter.

By doing these seemingly ‘minor changes’, he was able to increase the conversion rate by as much as 20%. This is agreed by most of web design firm.

  1. Helene in Between

This site is actually a personal travel blog and the creator of the site is in the name. Miss Helene has shared how she managed to make her blog even more successful.

She said that the blog was used to be mostly for blogging, travel, and social media, but there are plenty of times (more than she could count) where people asked her about her actual experience traveling abroad and dealing with dogs for good measure.

So, what she did was instead of letting people peruse their website and waste precious seconds of their time, she has added some tabs to the most frequently asked questions and she placed them prominently on the homepage for easier access.

The lesson? If there are certain features that people use on your website, make it more prominent and accessible.

  1. One Extra Pixel

If you are struggling to attract as many people as possible, take a page off the creators of this web design and inspiration website.

The creators said that to add more subscribers and to let people keep coming back for more, email marketing is key.

Basically, whenever a person stumbles upon your website, there should be a pop-up box where they put their email in and in so doing, they will be notified about the latest and greatest updates more readily than not having subscribed in the user base.

Furthermore, you can add more value by providing readable materials by sending your subscribers with pdf content instead of them having to download it manually off your website.