How Bloggers Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing Malaysia is a route for bloggers, online life influencers, and publishers to make money by referring their readers to an item or service in exchange for a commission on a sale, a lead, or an activity.

To earn money from the affiliate marketing model, you’ll join or apply for entry into the affiliate program. Once you’re accepted into the program, you can promote the item or service on your blog in a variety of ways:

Banner advertisements, blog entries, written reviews, text joins, internet-based life updates, and email marketing efforts. In return for your special efforts, you will earn a stipend on every sale, lead, or referral made from your unique affiliate connect.

Where do you discover affiliate programs?

You can take a gander at your favorite brands and businesses’ websites to see on the off chance that they have an affiliate program. In the event that they have an affiliate program, it will, in all probability, be displayed in the footer of their website.

Another approach to discover affiliate programs is by Googling the organization name alongside the keywords “affiliate program.” Doing this ought to shorten your search as a high percentage of businesses uses outsider stages to run their affiliate programs.

Rules you must know before you begin.

Before you begin slapping up promotions and posting affiliate joins into your content there are some rules you should follow:

Initially, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires bloggers to disclose their affiliate relationships. This needs to be done in a clear and concise manner on each blog entry that contains affiliate joins and in your disclosure arrangement. In case you’re inexperienced with the FTC guidelines — check out this post for more data.

Second, Google requires all sponsored and paid connections, which include affiliate joins, to have the no-follow attribute. On the off chance that you don’t add the no-follow attribute to your paid and affiliate joins, you are infringing upon Google’s policies — which can result in a manual activity or algorithmic penalty. This means Google can forbid your blog from their search results, which can altogether hurt your traffic and blogging business.

Here are some fundamental affiliate marketing tips to get you started:

  • Choose items and services that you know, use, and love. In the event that you are uncertain about advancing an individual item, approach the merchant for a duplicate or sample to review. Remember, these are your readers, and you would prefer not to lose their trust by advancing lousy items or services.
  • Make sure your blog is outwardly appealing, easy to navigate, and that your content is pertinent and offers real value to the reader.
  • Choose items and merchants that are in your niche.
  • Build traffic to your site. The larger your audience, the more potential sales and leads you can generate.
  • Work with your affiliate partners getting tips, strategies, marketing duplicate, and instruments. They need you to be successful, in case you’re successful, they are successful – remember this is a commonly beneficial partnership.

Here are some of my favorite affiliate stages:

There are huge amounts of outsider affiliate marketing stages. Who you choose to work with will depend greatly on your niche and the different brands and companies they represent?


Abloom is a smaller affiliate network that offers advancements for side hustles like VIPKID, survey sites like iSay, and money-sparing sites like Trim.

Publishers must meet a base traffic requirement of 30,000 month to month unique guests, and YouTube and Instagram Influencers must meet a base subscriber and view tallies that are evaluated on an individual premise — which means you needn’t bother with a website to join. Payments are made by means of direct deposit once every month.


By a long shot, the biggest and most well-known affiliate program is Amazon. With this program, you can make a connection to any individual item that Amazon sells.

Commission rates change from 1% to 10% on each item sold, depending on your sales volume and item category. Payments are made 60 days after the end of each month and sent out by means of direct deposit or check. For payment to be issued — your earnings must be in any event $10 for direct deposit and $100 for the check.

You can likewise join to be an Amazon Influencer, which means you needn’t bother with a website to promote Amazon items.

Brand Cycle

Brand Cycle is an affiliate marketing stage that permits you to share special advancements and items with your readers. They have a huge number of retailers to choose from; companies like Zulily, Ann Taylor, Blue Apron, CVS, Etsy, and significantly more.

Brand Cycle additionally offers exclusive brand battles for sponsored content. Your record must reach a $50 threshold so as to receive payment, and payments are issued by means of the Payoneer stage either by means of direct deposit or bank transfer.

Brand Cycle additionally has a publisher referral program where you can earn $10 for each publisher that signs up utilizing your referral connect.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an outsider stage where bloggers can access a great many advertisers that can be promoted through text joins, banner promotions, email marketing, internet-based life channels, sponsored posts, and a PayPerCall application. One thing I like about this stage is the affiliate managers are super helpful.

They even have a private Facebook bunch for certified partners where they offer sponsored post opportunities, tips, just as they answer questions. Payments are made by means of check or direct deposit on a month to month premise once your record hits the $100 threshold.
Some companies I found on CJ Affiliate are Ann Taylor, Banana Republic,, Expedia, Redplum Coupons, Sea World Parks, and some more. To become a certified partner, you can apply here and enter referral code 3504060 — you should write unique content and have in any event 10,000 unique views per month.


FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing network, where publishers can access a large number of items and services that you can promote through text joins, banner advertisements, templates, and other applications. Payments are made by means of check or direct deposit, weekly and month to month, once you hit a $100 threshold. Some companies that are a piece of the FlexOffers family are Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and considerably more.
This stage is super easy to use, and with the entirety of the great companies, it’s easy to meet and exceed the payment threshold.