Results-Proven Methods to Creating Great Web Design

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A good website design can make or break a good impression. Your website is the face of your business, and the portal many people would go through to digest your content. Make sure to make it professional and clean.

Many internet users have very little patience, so you need to provide the information they need in just a few clicks and seconds. What would make them stay longer in your pages? How can you convert a simple visitor to a loyal customer? How do you make an effective website design?

What is a good website design?

A great website design is a design that is effective. It’s as simple as that. A web design serves a significant purpose—it establishes credibility and trust. By incorporating functionality and pleasing design, you can convert visitors to loyal customers.

A good web design is an effective way to improve your ROI and earning potential. So if you have the budget, you should definitely go to a web developer to help you build and design a great website.

Website Design Techniques

Quality Photography

We are all visual creatures. In fact, many purchases have been finalized simply because of amazing photography. Good images are leading drivers of customer engagement. Incorporate high-res photos that can load in a very decent time period.


Your website should be adaptable on all devices. Remember that almost half of internet traffic are from mobile devices. Leverage on this trend, and make sure that every user can browse your website properly in smaller screens.

Create a conversion funnel and user journey.

User journey is one of the most overlooked aspects of website design. How can you help people navigate around your website, find the details they need, and then convert? When creating a website design, focus on your buyer personas. Contemplate on how your visitors will travel around your web pages.

Keep everything simple.

Over-designing can lead to a website’s death. If you have too much widgets and text, then it’s time to address these overwhelming elements. Over-design will definitely slow down your web pages, and can lead to a much higher bounce rate. Minimalism is a good web design principle that you should take seriously. Less is always more!

Maintain consistency.

It’s important to exercise consistency alongside minimalism. Nothing is more confusing and distracting than the use of too much fonts and schemes. If your web pages are poorly designed, your business would definitely suffer. Stick to a color scheme that suits your aesthetic, and make sure to stick to it.