The Do’s and Don’ts When Playing Live Poker

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Playing any form of poker in an online casino may be fun and exciting in and of itself, but the experience is nothing compared to when you are playing in an actual casino.

That being said, if you are planning to play a live version of poker in an actual casino, it is important that you know some casino etiquette so that you will not come off as rude and so that you and other players will have a great time.
In this article, I will go over some of the do’s and don’ts when playing live poker.

Always Wait for Your Turn

The dealer will set the positions and the player that is in the small blind position will start the game first. The second will be the player on their immediate left that is stationed in the big blind position. Then, the players will have to follow a clockwise formation when placing their bets and acting accordingly.

It is important for you to remember never to interrupt anyone, especially if it is still not your turn. Making moves even if it is still not your turn is not only rude to the other players, but can be seen as a deliberate and desperate attempt to affect the other players’ strategies.

Always Be Polite

Friendly chatter is permitted in most casino games, especially if it is a casual one. In fact, it is recommended that you engage in friendly talk since it can help disarm people and make them less angry at you if they’ve lost in your own hands.

That being said, it is never a good idea to try and initiate a conversation if you are attempting to keep your opponents from implementing their strategies. If anything, this makes people angry at you.
Never Make Attempts to Delay the Game

It is okay for you to think about your next moves or watch the moves of your fellow players but it is generally not a good idea to try and delay the game by doing some other things.

Things like ordering drinks, being overly indecisive, and even thinking about something else are definitely going to be frowned upon.

Let the Dealer Know Your Bets

Casinos can get really loud, especially due to the bevy of noises that you can hear in the establishment. It is for this reason that you want the dealer to know exactly how you’re going to proceed during your turn.

Remember that you can only initiate one move at a time. That means you can only either call, raise, or fold. You can never call and then raise since this is known as a string bet, which is generally considered illegal in poker.

Always Be Careful with Your Cards

Trying to manipulate the cards by marking, tearing, or even bending it is a serious no-no. This could imply that you are trying to tell which cards are which in the next sets. This is not only considered impolite but it can also be deemed as cheating by the casino as well.