Web Hosting 101: How Much Web Hosting Bandwidth Do You Need for Your Website?

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Do you want your business to thrive online? Well, it’s time to look into reputable web hosting companies in Malaysia that can help you manage your website. There are quite a lot of aspects you should focus on with regards to website hosting. 

One of the things you should focus on is your domain. Choose a reliable web host where you will host your domain. Also, it’s important to compare and evaluate the overall costs for the required bandwidth amount. Don’t fall for “unlimited” web hosting plans. At the end of the day, unlimited is not really unlimited. 

Website Hosting Bandwidth and Data Transfer

Bandwidth is a word that is used to calculate the traffic rate and data allowed to flow between your website and people through the internet. It is often mis-used in order to describe “data transfer.” But, in reality, they are two different concepts.

What is bandwidth?

It is the measurement of maximum data transferred in a specific time, typically measured in seconds.

What is data transfer?

It is the overall amount of data transferred in a specific time, typically measured in months. The number in data transfer communicates the amount of data you can transfer in one month. Meanwhile, the number in bandwidth refers to how fast that data can be transferred. You can regard bandwidth as the water pipe’s width, while data transfer is the amount of water flowing from that pipe. 

The wideness of the pipe (bandwidth) determines how quick the water (data) flows. Basically, data transfer is considered as the consumption of bandwidth.

For those who are looking for website hosts, the bandwidth amount a web hosting agency provides usually serves as a reliable indicator of that provider’s capabilities.