Grandfalls Power Washer: Your Go To Choice


Are you seeking to know about grandfalls power washer? Read this description to learn worthy things about Grandfalls’ power washer. Grandfalls’ power washer is a residential grade cleaning equipment. It is easily accessible and affordable. It makes use of water or other liquid chemicals and high-pressure spray.

The machine injects soap or detergent as a rinse agent. The cleaning power preserved in this machine makes it an effective one. The Grandfalls power washer is an easy-to-operate and user-friendly tool that helps clean any mess. It is also a reliable device that ensures effective cleaning every time you use it in your day-to-day chores.


One of the great feature of grandfalls power washer is that it is your perfect household cleaning friend. Able to clean hard-to-reach areas indoors and outdoors, from the roof to your concrete patio, this unit is great for keeping your house spotless and easy to use. With a 12-amp motor, built-in detergent tank, adjustable spray nozzle for different applications, and 20 to 40 feet high-pressure hose, this hose is all that you need for cleaning tasks.

High-Performance Filter: The Grandfalls power washer inlet filter is beneficial because it catches impurities and debris that could harm your pump if they get inside the unit. This high-performance filter helps prolong the pump’s life while maintaining its performance.

Adjustable Flow Rate: The flow control design allows you to press a lever and release water without pulling or tugging on the hose. The pressure of grandfalls power washer is 1400 PSI, and the flow rate of effective power washers ranges from 2.2 to 10 GPM.

Self-Priming System: Self-priming system traps air and exhaust gases in the tank. When the pump is started, a vacuum is created inside the tank, which draws the liquid out of its original high-level reservoir and into the pump, eliminating air drawn into the pump. Self-priming feature is the one which makes them easier to operate. This feature also helps in eradicating stuck particles from the pump and at the same time prolonging its life.

Heavy-Duty Spray Gun: The spray gun is the basic part that adds force to the water, which flushes out the dirt. The spray gun has a high-pressure nozzle. The spray gun has an air-pressure chamber and a plastic, brass, or stainless-steel core. This spray gun can change the liquid to the spray form.

You can make use of grandfalls power washer spray gun to create effective spraying on the desired contaminant, dirt or debris. It has a stable function so that you can wash or clean the window, floor, wall, and another hard-to-reach area with high efficiency. It also ensures that the central pressure is greater to avoid a leak problem.

Leak Proof And Low Vibration: Grandfalls Power Washer offers you no leakge, and less vibration makes the sound level optimally safe to use for both professional and personal uses. The anti-vibration system ensures the operator’s hands are protected, and the handle lever lock makes the washing easier. This zero leakage and low vibration power washer is harmless to the environment.


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