Troubleshooting a biomass pellet machine


Biomass pellet machines may stop performing well because of various reasons. Sometimes, the biomass machine is old enough to operate efficiently or a fault you can fix without much struggle. You may not know where the fault is until you conduct systematic troubleshooting of the machine. Sometimes, the biomass pellet machine manufacturers might include a troubleshooting manual for you to follow.

Regardless, our expert engineers have compiled a detailed troubleshooting guide that you may follow before calling for help from experienced troubleshooters. All you need to do is follow the provided directions to find out the possible problems that might affect your biomass pellet machine. If you do not follow the prompts carefully, you may have the wrong analysis.

Five troubleshoot ideas for your biomass pellet machine

Reduced productivity

When your biomass pellet machine reduces productivity, you may check for common issues such as a dirty flat die hole. If you have a dirty die hole, you may consider lubricating the hole to ease the passage of material. Lubricating the die holes helps to increase the productivity of the biomass pellet machine.

Sometimes you may experience low moisture content of the material, whether sawdust or biomass. For this, you need to add moisture to increase the moisture content. Low moisture content reduces the quality of the final pellet by lowering its adhesive characteristic.

A high amount of powder in the pellets

Suppose you notice the significantly low amount of moisture in the pellets. In that case, you may consider raising the water content of the pellets. Furthermore, the flat die may have an abnormally high level of abrasion. High abrasion may mean the die is aged, and you may need to replace it with a new one.

Pellets produced have a tough surface

A tough pellet surface is an indication that the moisture content of the material was very high. You may use the dryer to reduce the moisture content of the material. Similarly, using the flat die the first time may cause the pellets to be tough. To reduce the tough surface, continuously oiling the material would help.

Unusual noise from the biomass pellet machine

There could be three primary causes for abnormal noise from the machine. These causes include the fall of hard miscellanies in the machine, spoilt bearing, and loose components. If you experience these problems, you should consider shutting the machine down, replacing bearings, or tightening the machine components using the right tools and equipment. When you realize that the problem is persistent, it would be best if you engaged a licensed engineer to correct the problem.

Abrupt stopping of the machine

An abrupt stop of the machine can be related to three key issues. They include biomass pellet machine overloading, foreign matters, or low power and voltage. Enlarging the gap between the flat die and the roller will help solve the overload issues in the machine. On the other hand, replacing the machine motor or power will solve the low power problem.


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