What to do when you get hurt by a pressure washer


Pressure washers can make people’s lives a lot easier by providing them with an ultimate way to clean their homes without needing to spend manual effort themselves. Before owning pressure washers, people would need to clean their patio by themselves, which can become extremely tiring.

For that reason, using a pressure washer can make people’s lives more straightforward, since the only thing that you need to do to operate a pressure washer is to turn on the switch and start spraying, and with the high-pressure water that sprays out of the nozzle, your house will be spik and span in no time.

Although pressure or power washers can be very helpful, there are still safety risks that can come with it, such as injuries, electrical shocks, and flesh that you can cut with the high pressured nozzle. For that reason, there are some tips that you can follow if you are someone who wants to take the following steps if you do hurt yourself.

We will tell you all to know about pressure washers and what to do when you get hurt by a pressure washer. So, let’s get started!

Put pressure on the wound.

The first thing that should always come to your mind when trying to reduce the pain of a pressure washer wound is to put pressure on it. Using the palm of your hands, on the tip of your fingers, tightly press down on the place where the wound has occurred and where you can see consistent bleeding.

Applying consistent pressure will reduce the overall bleeding and stop you from losing extra blood. When an ambulance arrives, you need to do everything in your power to reduce the pain yourself; therefore, pressure application is the best thing to do in this situation and circumstance.

Pour water over the bleeding.

Once the bleeding has come to a halt and it feels like you are not severely bleeding anymore, the next thing you can do is attempt to get yourself to a water source and get the water running. Once you do that, make sure to take some water and run it over your wound.

Water is one of the easiest ways to clean your wound. Water is not only extremely gentle to your skin, but it will allow you to clean your wound and slowly stop the bleeding as well. You can also use some antibacterial soap to gently clean the wound to avoid getting infected.

Put bandaids and cover the wound.

Last but not least, we should alwyas make sure that the last step that we take in cleaning a wound is to cover it as soon as possible. To achieve that, you can easily use some bandaids if the wound is small, clean it to protect it, and let it heal.


So say, these are some things that you should do when you get hurt by a pressure washer and how you can aim to clean the wounds. So, with that, make sure to clean the wounds and take care!


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